This structure is composed of 13 circles taken from the design of the Flower of Life. Containing the basis for the design of every atom, molecular structure, life form, and everything in existence. 

This circle arrangement of 13 circles placed in a 60° X Formation is the base pattern from which you can draw most geometric patterns. It contains the geometric basis for the delineation of Metatron’s Cube, which brings forth the platonic solids.

The Fruit of Life was considered the holiest and most sacred forms in existence by ancient civilisations and institutions like the school of Pythogars BC 530-495.

This form has only Female Energy repented by Circles. When The Fruit of Life combines Male Energy represented by straight lines and Female Energies something amazing happens.


A straight line from the centre of each circle, to the very centre of each and every circle in this image –  Metatron’s Cube.