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Over it is 19 – Quran 74:30

As we expand on “Everything in the universe is geometric and anything can be measured on a geometric scale.” The Pattern of Creation is geometric. The Flower of Life (19 Circles) is the encoded form of the Pattern of Creation. Everything in the universe and existence comes out of this most ancient pattern. It depict’s fundamental aspects of space and time. It is the blue print of the universe. Its the template from which all life springs. Even the non-tangible things; Thoughts, Emotions and Music.


Over it is 19 and 19 Circles of the Creation Pattern is the Point of Convergence of Knowledge

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What are the functions and importance of 19 in the Quran and the universe?

The number 19 is a prime number only divisible by 1 and itself. 1 is the smallest and 9 is the largest of the single digit counting numbers. 19 consists of the first and the last numerals 1 and 9 – To proclaim God’s attribute in the Quran as the first and the last. “He is the Alfha and the Omega. He is the Outermost and the Innermost.” (57:3)

Mathematical Proof – The Digital Root of 19 is 1+9 = 10 = 1 Unity | Proclaiming there is only 1 God. This is the message of the Quran.

Number 19 is a proof that the Quran has a miraculous structure and has not undergone any change since the time of its revelation. This prime number has maintained the integrity and mathematical coding of the Quran and the “Hidden” geometry of the universe. The source and architect of both is God the Creator. He has embedded 19 as the common denominator throughout the Quran’s mathematical system.

If the code of the Quran was formed by a composite number then it would be debatable whether the code was formed by that composite or by its multiples. It is also a preference of banks and intelligence services to use prime numbers to form security codes.

The people who deny reason cannot witness the miracle of mathematics, the origin of all sciences and back bone of logic.

The 74th Surah (Chapter) “The Hidden” in the Quran draws attention to the number 19 to consolidate the faith of the believers.19 is the only number in the Quran whose functions are commented upon. We will investigate the Surah “The Hidden” in detail Click Here.


The Purpose of the Coding?

  1. Mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe.
  2. To enlighten the disbelievers, so to let go of their arrogance and stubbornness.
  3. To strengthen the faith of the faithful.
  4. To convince the Christians and the Jews that this is divine scripture and remove all traces of doubt from the hearts of Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
  5. To expose those who harbour doubt in their hearts, and the disbelievers; they will say “What did God mean by this allegory?” God thus sends astray whomever He wills, and guides whomever He wills.” (74:31) – They remain indifferent, despite over whelming physical evidence.


We witness Visual Validations that there are many Codes in the Qur’an formed by the number 19 and its multiples, these codes are the answer to the question “Why 19?”

The word 19 only occurs once in the Qur’an (74:30). Its Significance was discovered by Dr. Rashad Khalifa when he unlocked the mathematical code of the Qur’an by God’s Leave in 1974. He was later ousted by the Muslim community due to proclamations of Prophet-hood. The subject matter had been left aside and not given due importance as a result.


In Biology all cells have a Zona Pellucida or membrane around them – The Flower of Life has a Zona Pellucida around its 19 Circles (Encoded) to protect and keep intact its knowledge structure – Just like the Code of 19 within the Quran, protects it’s mathematical structure.


Removing the Zona Pelucida of the Flower of Life and adding more circles, the Pattern reveals the 64 Grid Matrix

Flower to Fruit

This 64 Grid Matrix has a 13 circle Pattern Hidden within it – The Fruit of Life